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Looking for a sourcing agent in Taiwan ? Let our agency do the job for you. In our globalized world, it is not easy to know the actual factory of a product. You can’t be 100% sure where the actual factory is. There are many “middle-men” companies that include wholesalers, retailers, agents and brokers. And each of them takes a margin that will have an impact on the final product you want to buy or sell. To reduce that cost, or to improve the own margin that you make, you may be interested to directly deal with the manufacturer. At Taiwan Trading, we do provide this sourcing service.

Do you want to know the factory that makes the products sold by your competitor ? Or do you want to know the real source of the product that a wholesaler or a distributor sells to you ? Thanks to your experience and our contact lists, we may be able to identify the Taiwanese company that manufactures the actual product.

Looking for a sourcing agency in Taiwan ?

We can help you to find good suppliers and factories here in Taiwan, We can help you to find suppliers here in Taiwan to reduce your purchase cost, improve your products quality or improve the delivery times.

By sourcing your products, you will be able to reduce your purchase cost, improve quality or delivery times, and stay ahead in innovation competition.

  • Search for a plant capable of designing the new product or prototype you need
  • Sourcing services
  • Looking for a more competitive supplier or a manufacturing of better quality than your current provider
  • Search factories supplying one of your competitors
  • Expand your range of suppliers
  • Discover innovations that some suppliers could bring to your products.
  • Search for local partners to resell your product or service to Taiwanese market
  • You have designed a prototype and you are now looking for a supplier to start the production? Taiwan Trading helps you in finding the right partner, by not focusing solely on its cost of production, but also on the quality level engagement and ensure survival of the company.
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