About our Taiwan Trading Company

Taiwan Trading is a trading company (and sourcing) founded by foreigners and established in Taiwan since 2008. Over the past eight years we have built a solid reputation in helping companies to find suppliers in Taiwan. We also provide sourcing services. By sourcing your products, you will be able to reduce your purchase cost, improve quality or delivery times, and stay ahead in innovation competition, Our trading company has made one of its first activities through its well-established network and can be your gateway to Taiwan door, either to sell or to buy.

Why trade with Taiwan?

Our Taiwan Trading company is conveniently located in Taipei, the Taiwan capital, in the heart of Asia. Taiwan has a modern economy and a strong industrial base. This geographical location and the high standard of living and the excellent infrastructure make the country the perfect springboard for the Asian market, and there is also good availability of skilled labour here. Whereas Taiwan was previously focused on heavy industry, today the country is diversifying and developing innovation and the service industries.

Outsource manufacturing with Taiwan Trading

At Taiwan Trading, the goal of our company is to help our customers to find reliable suppliers and manufacturers here in Taiwan. Thanks to our local network and our knowledge of the economic fabric we can find the company that will meet your needs. Whatever the product you are looking to outsource the manufacturing is, we probably can find it here in Taiwan. Indeed, Taiwan is well-known for its numerous high skills engineers working in different fields (hardware, software, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc …) That is why a lot of western companies have decided to manufacture their products here.

Sourcing your products in Taiwan

In our globalized world, it is not easy to know the actual factory of a product. You can’t be 100% sure where the actual factory is. There are many “middle-men” companies that include wholesalers, retailers, agents and brokers. And each of them takes a margin that will have an impact on the final product you want to buy or sell. To reduce that cost, or to improve the own margin that you make, you may be interested to directly deal with the manufacturer. Our company provide this sourcing service in Taiwan.

Do you want to know the factory that makes the products sold by your competitor ? Or do you want to know the real source of the product that a wholesaler or a distributor sells to you ? Thanks to your experience and our contact lists, we may be able to identify the Taiwanese company that manufactures the actual product.

Import from Taiwan with Taiwan Trading

When importing a product from a foreign country, the product needs first to be exported by this country. At Taiwan Trading, we can handle this export process and find the right shipping company for you, directly from the factory location to the customs of your country, or until its final destination. Taiwan Trading can help you to find suppliers here in Taiwan to reduce your purchase cost, improve the quality of your product or improve the delivery times.

We can handle all the aspects of the import process :

  • Source your product
  • Find capable manufacturers
  • Handle the export process (from Taiwan to overseas)
  • Find the shipping company / Handle the shipping process
  • Export to Taiwan
  • Exporting a product to a foreign country may be a bit tricky. You need to know which shipping companies to use, what import tax or customs duties that may apply, and what are the local regulations.
  • At Taiwan Trading, we can handle all the aspects of the import process for you.

We can handle all the aspects of the export process :

  • Import your products in Taiwan, handle import process with Taiwanese customs
  • Find local distributors and retailers
  • Do marketing on Taiwanese social media to make known your products and services
  • Design e-commerce websites to sell your products online
  • Put your products on local online shopping platforms (PCHome, Shopee, Line)

Bills of Lading Database

If you want to find your US competitors' suppliers, the overseas suppliers of a US company, or even all U.S. companies that import a specific product, you can uncover that data thanks to our US Bills of Lading database!

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