Why find a manufacturer in Taiwan?

Because you will probably find here the manufacturer you are looking for ! The economic history of Taiwan is linked with the industrial world history. Compared to some other developed countries, , Taiwan has early (in the 50’s) started to build a lot of factories, mainly to provide the US in machineries. Then gradually, Taiwan has diversified its industry, and manufacturing companies now produce a wide range of goods and products (textile, electronics, mechanical parts (for cars or motorcycle), lighting, hardware, chemicals, gear equipments, tools, machinery etc…).

Conveniently located in the heart of Asia – south of Japan and Korea, east of China and north of the Philippines – Taiwan has a modern economy and a strong industrial base. This geographical location and the high standard of living and the excellent infrastructure make the country the perfect location for manufacturers, and there is also good availability of skilled labour here. You can find here many high skilled workers and engineer.

Taiwan has lot of manufacturers, in many different fields. Our sourcing company can help you to find the manufacturer that meet your needs.

What kind of manufacturer are in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s trade dependent economy is driven by a competitive manufacturing sector that encompasses electronics, machinery, petrochemicals, and information and communication technology products. You can find below a list of products category. By clicking on those links, you will see a more specific list of products that are manufactured in Taiwan.

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