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We are a sourcing company founded by foreigners and established in Taipei since 2008. Over the past years we have built a solid reputation in helping companies to find suppliers and manufacturers  for bicycle in Taiwan. By sourcing your products, you will be able to reduce your purchase cost, improve quality or delivery times, and stay ahead in innovation competition, Our taiwanese trading company has made one of its first activities through its well-established network and can be your gateway to Taiwan door, either to sell or to buy goods.

If you are looking for more than sourcing service, we can also be your trade / purchase agent. We can buy the goods on your behalf and handle the export and the shipping.

We can handle all the aspects of the process :

  • Source your product
  • Find capable manufacturers / suppliers / factory
  • Handle the export process (from Taiwan to overseas)
  • Find the shipping company and handle the shipping process

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Bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan

Did you know that a lot of bicycles are actually made in Taiwan ? You can find below a list of  bicycles manufacturers.
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Bicycle Accessories

  • Bicycle Basket

  • Bicycle Bell & Horn

  • Bicycle Children’s Seat

  • Bicycle Decal

  • Bicycle Fender / Mudguard

  • Bicycle Helmet

  • Bicycle Lighting Set & Dynamo

  • Bicycle Lock

  • Bicycle Luggage Carrier

  • Bicycle Pump

Bicycle Frames & Frame Parts

  • Bicycle Bolt & Bicycle Nut

  • Bicycle Frame

  • Bicycle Frame Fitting

  • Bicycle Front Fork

  • Bicycle Head Parts

  • Bicycle Peg

  • Bicycle Suspension

  • Bicycle Tube / Tubing

  • Bottom Bracket Part

  • Fork Crown

Home & Water Heaters

  • Bicycle Brake Lever

  • Bicycle Cable Housing & lnner Wire

  • Bicycle Grip & Tape

  • Bicycle Handlebar & Bar End

  • Bicycle Pedal

  • Bicycle Saddle / Seat

  • Bicycle Stem

  • Brake Fitting

  • Disc Brake

  • Other Bicycle Steering Components

Bicycle Transmission Parts

  • Bicycle Chain

  • Chain Wheel & Crank

  • Derailleur Gear Unit

Bicycle Wheel Parts

  • Bicycle Hub

  • Bicycle Rim

  • Bicycle Spoke & Nipple

  • Bicycle Tire & Bicycle Inner Tube

  • Bicycle Valve

  • Bicycle Wheel Set

  • Coaster Brake

Complete Bicycles

  • BMX (Bicycle Motocross) & Freestyle
  • Children’s Bicycle

  • Cruiser Bicycle

  • Folding Bicycle

  • Ladies Bicycle

  • Mini Bicycle

  • Mountain Bicycle

  • Road Bicycle

  • Tandem Bicycle

  • Tricycle

Electric Bicycles

  • Electric Bicycle

  • Electric Bicycle Battery

  • Electric Bicycle Battery Charger

  • Electric Bicycle Controller

  • Electric Bicycle Engine

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