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Find your supplier for mechanical parts in Taiwan

Your company is in the mechanical parts trading and you are looking for a new supplier in Taiwan ?

You came to the right place !

We are a sourcing company founded by foreigners and established in Taipei since 2008. Over the past years we have built a solid reputation in helping companies to find suppliers and manufacturers  for mechanical parts in Taiwan. By sourcing your products, you will be able to reduce your purchase cost, improve quality or delivery times, and stay ahead in innovation competition, Our taiwanese trading company has made one of its first activities through its well-established network and can be your gateway to Taiwan door, either to sell or to buy goods.

If you are looking for more than sourcing service, we can also be your trade / purchase agent. We can buy the goods on your behalf and handle the export and the shipping.

We can handle all the aspects of the process :

  • Source your product
  • Find capable manufacturers / suppliers / factory
  • Handle the export process (from Taiwan to overseas)
  • Find the shipping company and handle the shipping process

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Mechanical parts manufacturers in Taiwan

Did you know that a lot of mechanical parts are actually made in Taiwan ? You can find below a list of  mechanical parts products that are manufactured here.


  • Ball Bearing

  • Bearing Parts

  • Bushing Bearing

  • Linear Bearing

  • Needle Bearing

  • Other Bearings

  • Pillow Block Bearing

  • Roller Bearing

Castings, Forgings & Stamping Parts

  • Cold Forging
  • Die Casting

  • Fine Blanking Parts

  • Gravity Casting

  • Hot Forging

  • Investment Casting

  • Powder Metallurgy

  • Sand Casting

  • Stamping Parts

Cutting Tools

  • Boring Tool

  • Broach

  • Hob

  • Milling Cutter

  • Reamer

  • Turning Tool

  • Woodworking Cutter

Linear Motion Components

  • Ball Screw
  • Linear Guide

  • Linear Table

Machine Tool Accessories

  • Angle Plate

  • Chuck

  • Collect

  • Dividing / Indexing Head

  • Electromagnetic Brake & Clutch

  • Jig

  • Lathe Center

  • Lubrication System

  • Machine Tool Spindle

  • Other Machine Tool Accessories


  • Blow Mould

  • Die Casting Die

  • Extrusion Die

  • Forging Mould

  • Injection Mould

  • Other Moulds

  • Press Die

  • Punch

  • Thermoforming Mould

Pipe Fittings

  • Flange
  • Pipe Cap & Plug

  • Pipe Coupling

  • Pipe Cross, Tee & Wye

  • Pipe Elbow

  • Pipe Nipple

  • Pipe Union

Pipe Fittings

  • Flange

  • Pipe Coupling

  • Pipe Elbow

  • Pipe Nipple

  • Pipe Union

Power Transmission Parts

  • Gear

  • Gearbox

  • Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Pneumatic Cylinder

  • Pulley

  • Shaft

  • Shaft Coupling

  • Speed Reducer

  • Sprocket

  • Transmission Belt

Sealing & Gaskets

  • Gasket & Packing

  • Mechanical Seal

  • Oil Seal

  • Seal Ring

  • Sealing Strip


  • Angle Valve

  • Ball Valve

  • Butterfly Valve

  • Check Valve

  • Control Valve

  • Gate Valve

  • Globe Valve

  • Needle Valve

  • Other Valves

  • Pressure Reducing Valve

Welding & Soldering

  • Other Welding & Soldering Supplies

  • Soldering Gun & Iron

  • Welding Rod

  • Welding Torch

  • Welding Wire

  • Powerline Networking

Looking for sourcing or trading services in Taiwan ?

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